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where can you make your own phone case_double cell phone case

Perfect medium sized bag. For travel it holds your lunch, snacks, wallet, hand cream, makeup, phone, tissues, water bottle and more. Easy to get into verses the Travelon one I purchased before this. The travelon brand had no water bottle pocket or phone pocket. Plus 2 other pockets on the back side for tissues etc. This one is lighter also and the strap doesn't hurt my shoulder like the steel enforced Travelon brand. I got my Bagalini at TJ Maxx for only $25. It was a great find. Traveled with it and highly recommend
I love that the majority of the credit card slots are all together, that way there is just one spot to look for the card that you need.
I like that my check book and phone will fit in it and still zip closed.
Great stylish bag for the price when a clear bag is needed. Had a person tell me she sells a bag similar in her store for over $100. I was pleased to have only spent a few dollars in comparison and my bag looked even better than hers!
They are suuuuper tiny. The 8mm. Very hard to get in and the one fell out after 2 days. If you’re using them for cartilage I’d say go with a 10mm hoop. They are cute if you can get them in they were just too tight on my ear and it made my ear sore from trying to long to get it clasped.
Exactly what I expected. Fits everything I need
seems to yellow in sea water
This is the purse I been looking for over a year. I love it . I carry it every day. Thank you Amazon
Great sweatshirt
Great fit . These are my favorite socks they are unbelievably comfortable. Buy these you will not be sorry
It is very spacious and has lots of room. Larger than I expected but very nice. It lives up to its description on the website. If I had to say one thing that needed to change, it would be a longer strap. Great purse!
I bought these for my husband because he had the "same" pair of Levi's, which he wore for years before they wore out. This pair was either a cheap copy or defective because the back of the jeans ripped apart the 2nd time he wore them. I am frustrated because it is beyond the return date by 1 day!
Absolutely gorgeous
Love them!!
15-year-old daughter wanted a grey hoodie that had a fitted hem but wasn't oversized or too tight. This is perfect. She's 5'6", about 135lbs and got a medium. She's very happy with this purchase.
Washed these on cool/warm water the first time, tumbled low for 20 minutes then hung to dry. (I feel like such fussy treatment is necessary the first time only to sort of break them in) I've since washed them on warm and tumble dry regular with all the other clothes and they've held their shape, have not shrunk. My husband says they are very soft, stretchy, and comfortable. Only had them for about a month so can't say much yet on longevity of wear, but I've usually had great experiences with Hanes' stuff, so I'm optimistic.
Very cute. Just as described.
Good fit - true to size in my opinion. Comfortable and breathes well.
I guess I missed the part that says you get whatever hot mess print/color mix they decide to send. They also fit pretty loose, maybe they'll draw up some more with additional washings.
She loved it. It was a gift.
Perfect. Exactly what i was looking for
I've used various different types of shirt stays and these are my favorite.

I'm a slim guy so most shirts don't look like they fit me correctly. With these the extra material stays tucked away so I don't look like a 12 year old wearing my Dad's suit.

Compared to other designs these are by far and away the best. The plastic clip and loop other brands come with would slip off half way through the day, particularly if the shirt was made from wrinkle free material. I also prefer clipping them to my socks rather than the stirrup design. No one can see that I'm wearing these when I sit down and I can wear these with black or brown socks. With the stirrups, every time I sat down and crossed my legs you could see them. This was fine when I was in black socks since most people didn't notice, but with brown socks they just didn't look right. This design stays completely out of sight.

The length if very flexible. Not only are they elastic but they can be extended or shortened depending on your height and shirt length. I have some shirts that are longer than others, so I have to shorten them to keep things snug.

I would recommend these to anyone who wants a nice clean look or who feels like their shirts "blouse" out around the waist.
I ordered a darker colored Jean and both pairs I got were the lightest colored ones they have. Also the zipper won't stay up on one of them. Not very happy. I don't like light colored jeans.
Absolutely love it😊😊❤️
I wear this hat when I run. Yes, the crown gets hot when I exercise, but the small vents help, and the 360 degree sun protection is outstanding, Well made -- stands up to a beating.
I bought this for my daughter and she loved it!
I was looking for something thin and small just to keep everything together. this was perfect! and I love that I can just clip it to my keys and not worry about anything
Nice watch for first watch for our grandson. He thinks it is neat that he can wear it swimming. He say's it is a really cool watch.
Exactly what I was expecting
If you ever saw Taxi Driver, The Right Stuff or Top Gun, you want these glasses. Admit it.
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