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The Buckle works great, however, i dislike that it doesnt feed smoothly through my tactical work pants loops. Also, I dislike that the extra loose end does not have some sort of Velcro to secure it back on itself so that it doesn’t slip out of the loops. It’s ok for the price.
Great buy.
True to size
I found the inside of the belt is poor quality, and then I went to the store check several different model of real Columbia belts, neither of them are like that, even the one only 14.99 in Marshalls. Also, the label all come with the original price, which is not on this one I bought. I realized this too late, bc I bought this as a gift and did not take it out until 2 months later, when I can not return anymore. So Don't buy it is my only advice.
They look good and fit well but have worn out very quickly with holes forming on the knees after only a few months.
I have 2 pairs of these sunglasses...they are hands down the best sunglasses I have ever owned! I always receive compliments on them and love the fact that they are polarized!
Super bummed! These are 100% cotton and not the breathable undershirts I have had before, did anyone else have this issue??
Perfect fit. I work in an auto repair shop and I needed something to help me protect me from some UV during the summer and to also keep me cool. This hat which is made from 100% polyester helps wick away that sweat which is huge thumbs up because I sweat a ton.
Perfect for my girlie girl
Great quality. So far so good.
Very durable material. Nice pockets inside including a zipper pocket. Good seller to purchase from.
Hubby thought they felt a bit heavy but comfortable - then again he wears his till they're thread bare lol *** PLEASE NOTE - he wore them and they're NOT too heavy for the warmer months - he say they're just RIGHT
Too large. Returned items. Not sure if small would fit. Nice looking shirt. Thanks
I received this wallet as a holiday gift two years ago and have been using it every day since. It took a little bit to get used to the specific method for getting cards out and re-inserting them, but once you get the hang of it there's nothing quicker. The money band securely holds a single bill or a huge knot and it easy to get bills in and out, though they will become heavily creased from being folded.
I just changed the default black band a few weeks ago. It was still as tight as day one just wanted a change of appearance with the blue one.
Fits well; I am a size 10 and it was as expected. Sometimes they say 10-12 and they are really size 5-6. Sometimes they also shrink and become a size smaller. This did not happen here!
These underwear fit my daughter just as I had hoped. I bought Hanes underwear for her last year and I was not a fan of the material. It was stiff and not soft at all. However, these are made of really nice, soft fabric, they fit well, and the colors and patterns are really cute. They are definitely a bargain at the price listed.
Love it! I get tons of compliments too.
Peace of mind! It really is giving my grandbaby a little more freedom so we can continue to teach her to swim. Good buy
Great boxers. Fit n feel good. Would definitely recommend
Very useful !
This is exactly what I needed for several uses:
1. Daily Purse
2. Interpreting Bag
3. Conference Bag/Purse

Pros: Holds more than you would think! Also, easy access to all compartments without having to remove from the body and/or hold a flap up to get into the main compartment.

Cons: Has some weight to it, so can feel heavy fairly quickly.

More Information:

1. Daily Purse- I often will just take a small card wallet and my phone if I am running around town, but any time that I need to take a purse with items in it, I grab this bag. I am able to easily carry my 10-inch Samsung tablet, which I use to read articles (Ph.D. student) or play a game of solitaire anytime I need to wait. With kids, I am often waiting to pick them up and this has come in very handy. I often like to also have a drink with me, and the side pockets work great for this. I also will use the side pockets for my sunglasses (plastic $5 pair) for easy access.

2. Interpreting Bag- I am a sign language interpreter. I will need to travel to different places to provide interpreting services in a variety of settings. This bag looks very professional. I am able to wear it cross body, which allows my hands (and arms) to be free to sign. I love that it has the drink holders so that my drink is handy and quick. The top front pocket is large enough to hold my Samsung Galaxy 6 phone in an Otterbox (the heavy duty one), with no concern of it falling out. This makes it easy for me to check the information of where I need to be for the assignment, and/or quickly check information during breaks. Plus I am able to carry other things needed often when out for an entire day.

3. Conference Bag/Purse - I recently attended the International Moose Convention conference. I used this bag everyday! Again, with my tablet, and a travel keyboard, I was able to take notes during the meetings. I carried a soda and a Powerade so I had choices to drink. I was able to put my business cards, a travel pack of tissues, mints, cell phone/tablet charger, a couple of travel medicine cases, a pen, a highlighter, my tablet stylus, and a couple of other small odds and ends in the large front pocket. I reserved the top front pocket again for my cell phone (and sometimes individual's cards they handed me). In the back pocket, I had a zip lock bag with some flat beef jerky and would slide flyers that I received at the booths in there, or my name badge when I didn't want to wear it out around town. The main compartment I carried my tablet, my travel keyboard, a zip lock bag with sunflower seeds, the conference booklet (which was the dimensions of a tri-fold flyer though thicker), and a couple packages of peanut butter and cheese crackers. This still left room on the top for my sunglasses and other odds and ends that I may pick up. I even carried my husband's wallet a couple times, which is quite large/thick. Overall, this bag was a lifesaver. I was able to secure the bag to my chair at restaurants without being concerned that it would wander off. I looked professional, and yet had everything that I needed for the day. In fact, I was able to help out other conference goers by having some pain meds for a headache and some crackers for another that was hungry from missing a meal. Many asked me where I got the bag and was happy to tell them to find it on Smile.Amazon so that they could also support the Moose through their purchase!

In general, I really really like this bag. I only wish it was a bit lighter from the beginning. The weight of this bag is a bit more than many travel bags that are made out of parachute or tent material. But to me, the extra weight for the quality and look of this bag is worth it.
I just got it, so if anything changes I'll update the rating. The bag is beautiful, the colors are amazing, don't let my camera fool you. It's slightly smaller than what I thought, because I thought I could fit my bible, but no. I mean, I can carry it in my hands, it's no biggie. Like shown in the picture, I can fit a little notebook, my glasses case, my wallet, and although you can't see it, the pockets fit more stuff like my phone, hair stuff and lipstick. It doesn't smell bad and you can adjust the strap. Quality seems good, and the tassels are not removable, but are very cute. All the zippers are actual pockets. Overall seems awesome.
My husband was impressed! Loved how it held up his pants even with many things attached to his belt!
I switched from a regular wallet, best choice I've ever made
This was a Christmas Gift my husband loves it no more bulky wallet he has to take out of his pocket every time he sits down, just what he needs to take with him, and a safety feature too, Great product worth the price.
They are so soft and the color are awesome.. I will order more!!!
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