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Exactly what I needed.
It was the best gift ever ! My daughter was so excited to see what she got for Christmas,
Thank you for suggestions
Neat and organized
Overall the shirt is fine. It’s just a tad larger, and just a smidge longer than I would have expected, but the overall fit is fine. If you’re a bit on the thinner/more athletic build, I suggest you would benefit from the slim fit instead.

I get a bit sensitive about the feel, but overall I was fine with the feel of this fabric. at first, I was put off by the 60% cotton / 40% polyester advertised, but the shirt feels pretty comfortable after the first few washes. It's not extra-soft, but it's not uncomfortable.

I’m not sure about the UPF sun protection that they promote. No real way of testing it – but I’m not sure how this would protect from the sun better than any other polo.

I’ve included a pic after the second wash and wear. It seems to keep its' form nice enough, even with a slightly unwieldy collar.

Overall, it’s not bad. I’m not in love with the fit or the feel, but I can see it getting a regular rotation in the summer.
It is not perfect, but considering that the price was so low it is OK.It is not very heavy but it is not too bad. It is 100% cotton.

I have not washed it yet and will update once I do wash it.
Avoids behind the ear straps.
Very comfortable and easy to just keep around your neck until needed.
Lots of versatility and very comfortable.
Love the purse has so many little pockets and it’s a lightweight material my daughter liked it and I’ll be getting her one
This is an excellent quality belt that will go well with any tactical uniform. I work in public safety and the belt is more comfortable and fits better than my Boston Leather belts. Be sure to follow the sizing guidelines when ordering. I would highly recommend this belt. A few things to note: (1) there is a chemical smell when you first open the package. It may be the material of the belt, or what the belt is soaked in, or prepared with. The smell goes away after airing out. (2) the be mindful of the width of this belt and the max width of the belt loops on your pants. You may have to remove the one end to get the belt through the loops and reattach when you’re done. This isn’t always a big deal though. Overall, this belt competes with any name-brand-equivalent belt.
It Amazing and it's not a scam.
This particular face shield gets 5 stars from me. Not only do they look good, they protect you from all the elements. I have first hand experience because I work in the airline industry on the ramp where there's nowhere to hide from the elements.
got for wife. she likes them. worka as described.
No two ways about it, these are good belts, of you like the military style of belt. Shipping, of course, is fast. The belt I received included a second buckle. Why? I don't know. Maybe it said there would be one in the description. The belts are easy to use and easy to figure out how to put the belt into the buckle, if need be. Once the buckle is engaged it stays put. The order also included a couple for 20% off another Jasgood item, so I bought another belt in a different color.
Got holes in them very quickly
little to thin .. cheapies .. wouldn't buy again
The best for me
Fit well!
Nice and thick material, but a little tight, need more stretching at the top, otherwise wonderful product, and made in the Ol' US of A. Like that!!
Really comfortable socks
I love this wallet. It is well made, and the magnet is strong. I will definitely buy again if needed! Small update: Getting the ID or card out of the front window can be a pain.
Great awesome belt
The material of the shirt feels fine but it shrinks. I washed accordingly to the instructions on the tag, the shirt is not made very long to begin with, when you bend over or raise your arms, it rides up a lot, showing stomach... Etc...
I received correct size and color.
This is my first time trying the FreshIQ and while it keeps the socks from smelling it did nothing to keep my feet from smelling. No odor until I removed the socks...
It was a lovely nightgown, and soft and comfortable as well.
Love it. Got it for my Birthday. Many pockets. Nice pattern on fabric.
These may be counterfeit.
Great socks! They have extra cushion where you need it. I will purchase again.
I received my LUENX Aviator Sunglasses last week and have worn them every day since. They are great sunglasses for the price. They are sturdy, nicely designed and perform well. They came with a nice case. I will purchase more in the future.
Great replacement when my loupes holder broke. Much more study and good quality. I even gave them to my co workers who love them as well.
Very happy with this item
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