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It’s a little on the larger side, so I wouldn’t recommend it for a child, unless it’s for their ankle, but it’s a beautiful piece. Dainty and feminine.
Real leather, simple but elegant. Highly recommended :))
I'm very pleased with the fit and feel. I had some fairly new briefs from other sources, but threw them out after wearing Amazon essential's.
Just received this wallet. It is very slim and seems to be just what I wanted, a wallet suitable for my front pocket and yet constructed to hold all my cards and some cash.
The frames were crooked on my face
Pretty standard fake glasses, nice and fashionable and pretty good quality.
They do not cut off circulation to my feet like many regular socks, although there is still too much elastic around the tops. Size 10-13 was too large but after washing in hot water they shrank to fit.
Light weight,wide on the bottom!
I love these sunglasses they do exactly is the company says
Excellent. Just what I needed.
El material estaba muy bien y bien muy amplia. Perfecta me gusto
Good sweater for the price. Cozy
Great socks, good height for ankle socks, very comfortable, they have stood up to plenty of hard gym wear and show no bad signs. Also very comfortable. Really great for the price.
Love it. Perfct size, light weight, good quality, has a nice look. Highly recommended
I found these lovely,delicate hoops are easier to hoop and close on the ear, I put mine in backwards for easier fastening. They are easy to determine how delicate they are, but with care, once they are fastened, they feel secure, and serve their purpose. I have had mine a couple/ few weeks, and have had no infection, no soreness, no problems, etc. I waited to review since I felt it is important to wear them through showering, sleeping, and typical wear for those who wear hoops more permanently like myself.
I got a piece of junk! The zippers are all split, none of them work!
The perfect undershirt. That's all that is needed to be said regarding this. I will definitely buy more
Think this will be perfect for traveling abroad. My iphone fits in front snap pocket, even with the otter box cover. My passport fits perfectly on one side where bills can be stored. Nice slots to hold id and credit cards. The only drawback is the shoulder strap is not adjustable and being short it hangs way too low. However, I tied a knot at the top and solved that problem.
I took it on a trip to San Diego where it served as a travel bag, beach bag and everyday tote! Even cuter in person and the straps are soft and comfortable- and it's the perfect size for our family's gear for any beach or pool outing. Highly recommend!
I'm not sure packaging and sending this item in a semi-hard case which was crushed when it arrived because it was in an envelope was the best idea... duh. This fragile item should have been shipped in a box. I am so disappointed because the glasses felt like a nice weight quality, but they arrived with a scratched lense and that same lense was not sitting correctly in place, leaving a gap between it and the inner nose frame. I really wanted to gift these to my boyfriend for Christmas... so that sucks.
The leg openings at the bottom of each leg are stitched way too small around! With an XL one would think everything about these is XL but that is not the case. Waist is good, length is good, material is good, but the fit around the legs is absurdly tight. When I sit down it's like I'm wearing a tourniquet around each leg!
fast shipping, good product, bought 2 pairs help with night driving
Excellent product. It is exactly as it is described, it's a super thin and light wallet. I carry many cards, but I hate the bulk that a normal wallet creates. This wallet allows me to carry all the cards I need without any discomfort. Absolutely love it.
These shirts are just long. Having bought two now— I do like them— I think that’s why the 77% “fits as expected” rating. They fit as you’d expect in the chest and sleeves, but they’re just much longer than you’d expect. I always need to hike them up to get my phone, keys, or wallet out of my pockets.

The cloth is also quality, a bit on the thick side.
great socks, long lasting and very comfortable
I am happy with them. And I am picky when it comes to socks.
My mom loves it!!! Exactly like the description! Would purchase again.
Many reviews said these were thin, however the tees we received were perfect. They aren’t as thick as the michaels Gildan tees but they aren’t super thin either. Perfect for my project.
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