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It's exactly what I wanted. Big compartments and the bag is cute.
Great fit, not the usual heathered charcoal but nice.
Super comfy. Very thick and warm. Much longer than expected.
Great hat
Made a great gift!!
Works great, fits great, and soft
2 pair of navy socks and 2 pair of grey were missing from my order. Received 2 black and 2 white but alas the 2 navy and 2 grey were nowhere to be found.
Very nice shirt, love the way it fits.
Well made.
Just the right size to fit in my smaller purses!
Front pocket squad represent
I love that it doesnt get too hot when breathing with this on. The fit is a little loose for me but works great otherwise!
Definitely worth it. My wife absolutely loves the purse and so far it seems really sturdy.
These are great for the price. They fit my 3 yr old and the variety is good enough that she can choose a different pair if she wants too. They are also full coverage for her too. Would definitely buy again.
The quality is cheap compared to another color got that is made much better.
Nice quality. I like wearing small post earrings. Nice ones are hard to find. These are perfect.
Great product
well made nice tint comfortable
Love it!! I brought 2!! Well worth the price...nice..sturdy..And I'm ordering 2 more for mothers day
No yellow only one dark grey/green was delivered :-(
I used these all around from work under bright lights to driving. They are nice. It just gets rid of the blue which is nice. When driving at night it can create a different contrast in how you are seeing overall which can be a nice break when you need one. They are not miracle glasses however, they can relieve some irritating glare.
I have no bad things to say.
For as expected
very soft
Slightly smaller than I had hoped. I have bought this brand and exact type before but now they are slightly smaller.
Legs too long. Below knees. Uncomfortable.
I havent found anything from carhartt that doesnt warm or fit just right. This little cap keeps you warm, working in below freezing weather on the huge Mississippi River!
It is a lot cuter than I imagined.
I bought this because I'm a year round motorcycle rider and I needed something to prevent my delicate neck, chin and cheek cells from becoming nearly frostbitten due to wind chill during the few minutes it takes me to ride to work.

The good news is that this product seems to work well to protect the neck, chin, and cheeks. It also provides adequate protection for the back of the neck.

The bad news is that the product (when covering the nose), by design or by its very nature, causes exhaled air from the nose to be ejected upwards instead of outwards which nearly instantly fogs sunglasses on a cold morning. The vertically ejected air also causes the face shield to fog up even when the front vents are open and I'm driving at speed. This, obviously, is extremely dangerous so seconds into my first ride I had to pull the fabric down to expose my nose holes so that the moist air was ejected downwards.

Pulling the fabric down causes the nose to get cold and moisture to build up on the fabric in an uncomfortable way. It also causes additional cheek exposure.

Any finally, if your helmet fits correctly without wearing the over-the-head part of this product then it'll almost certainly be too tight afterwards. What I discovered was that the additional bulk of the head piece caused the helmet to shift back on my head which meant the chin guard was right on my mouth and not comfortable.

I gave this two stars because it's advertised as being for motorcycles and it's not designed well enough to be used by this motorcyclist. I'll work with it for a few days to see if there's a way to mitigate the problems but if not will attempt a return.
I love these jeans! its very hard to find 36x36 but these fit well, are made of sturdy material and look great. Will certainly be purchasing more!