Project Spotlight – Custom Art For Soy Sushi Bar & Grill

dog travel carrier bag

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We recently had a chance to be a part of the opening of a new sushi restaurant, Soy Sushi Bar & Grill here in Salt Lake City, UT. The owner approached us several weeks before their proposed opening with a request for custom...
The only complaint I have with the Yellow mirror sun glasses, this is my second pair, because the yellow mirror coating rubs off too easily. Other than that they look great, polorized and not very expensive.
It was a little thick, but light
Heavy cotton. Fits good. Tight collar which I like.
I ordered 3x. The fit like a 1x. Very tight. Well made and long. I'll order two sizes larger next time.
These are great! I wanted womens socks and ordered these by mistake but I have a womans size 11 foot so even though they seem big they are so comfortable- they feel thick and cushiony.
Great quality! Like it very much.
This handbag is the first vegan bag I purchased, so far so good. Price was great and delivery great. p.s. The color is awesome.
They work mostly but dust and grit still gets in the vent holes.
They leave an impression in your skin on your face after a ride that takes an hour or more to dissipate
Normal size for my cards with many slots
I bought this crossbody bag for a trip to Cabo Mexico I love the soft feel and durability My Ipad fits perfect in the top zipper compartment My Iphone plus is handy in the lower zipper compartment My passport fits sideways in the back closest to my side or it would fit in any of the other pockets So far this bag was a great choice for my travels Love the dark gray color
Looked good, fabric felt good, until the edge started unraveling the first day
perfect fit and no shrinkage when washed
I have been using this Travelon bag as my go-to everyday purse for about one year now and it's still going strong. The only damage it's sustained is that the mesh inside the side pocket is torn in a quarter-sized spot. I usually keep my wallet, phone, keys, a .75 liter water bottle, umbrella, sketchbook, and pencil case in it, so it's full but not bursting at the seams. It's a great size if you need a little bit more space in your crossbody but not a full messenger -sized bag.

I've tried a few other Travelon bags in the past which have also been good quality but struggled a little with the design and dimensions of previous bags. This one is very well designed that I never have to think about it.
Well, I ordered a five pack of boxer briefs and received only a three pack.
the shirts fit fine, nice addition to my collection.
Great hoody for a great price. Love the color. Probably gunna order the purple one as well.
It's great! It gives me more room in my purse and my credit cards are protected!
Great little wallet! Have to my 16 yr old nephew. He loves it!
Fit as expected. Good quality. Would buy from again.
Very nice, received a lot of compliments
What I liked most was once I washed them, the retained there shape and size(they didnt shrink at all). I liked that so much and the shirts I bought another pack of them
Perfect i love it
Love the fact when I am biking and hot & sweaty that it keeps the swet from getting into my eyes. Great protection for my eyes. Light and no slipping at this point.
Hubs got these for works socks, and since he doesn't do laundry I can say this: you wear them, you wash them, they work.
Love this pair of dickies, perfect for work, Ill be ordering a few other colors very soon.
I loved these socks the first 6 times I wore them.... Then the seam at the toebox started to open.
Positive: nice and thick socks that fits well
Negative: seam didn't hold up past 6 wears
The so called fastener attached to the strap kept unscrewing and when I arrived in Frankfurt I needed to purchase another bag for my travels. It ended up in my suitcase the entire trip as it was untrustworthy. When I reach my home I will request to return it.
I love how soft it is! However, the sleeves are really long and it's a little snug. Color was as right on.
Comfortable, but after two weeks two of the three have holes at seams.
Love it