design your own cell phone case

design your own cell phone case

CCP - Phones

In order to take the best photos your first need to be familiar with your phone’s camera options. Find the easiest way to access it so that when the moment arises you aren’t fumbling to get to your camera app! Most phones have a way to create a shortcut to do that right away. Also, if you plan on printing any of your images you should adjust the image quality to the highest setting available to ensure that your image has the best resolution.


design your own cell phone case

CCP - Light

Consider your lighting. Is it possible to move yourself and/or your subject into a more favorable light? If you want to take a portrait of someone it’s best to have the light source shining from behind you and towards the subject. Also, keep in mind that bright overhead lights can be harsh so look for some sun cover or wait until a cloud passes by.


design your own cell phone caseThe Mental Health Benefits of Art


design your own cell phone case

By Tadrart01.JPG: Pir6mon derivative work: Teeks99 (talk) – Tadrart01.JPG, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

For an easy way to get good compostion use the . This means that you would think of your image as being divided by two horizontal lines and two vertical lines creating nine boxes. The idea is to line up important features along the lines or where they intersect. In the image, above you can see the image on the left does not use this rule. By aligning the horizon with the lower horizontal guideline and the rock tower along the left vertical guideline it gives the image much more interest!


design your own cell phone case

CCP - zoom

When you use your zoom feature you are losing resolution and may end up a blurry image. The best way to avoid this is to get closer to your subject. Obviously this is not always possible so in that case take the best photo you can without zooming and then crop the photo later.


design your own cell phone case

CCP - Low Perspective - Baby and Teddy Bear

To add a unique feel to your images consider using different perspectives. With kids, for example, it is best to get down on their level instead of taking the picture from your height. Sometimes you have to roll around on the ground and get a bit dirty but it’s worth it to get that perfect shot!


design your own cell phone case

Custom Canvas Prints Macro Image

Sometimes the smallest things can be beautiful. Many cameras have a macro function (it is often represented as a flower icon in the focus options). This is great for close up images of insects, flowers, and even water drops! Check out this helpful article for more information on how to take macro photos.


design your own cell phone case

CCP - Instagram Image Editing

The great thing about taking pictures on your phone is that there are so many apps available out there for you to change and enhance your images! Don’t be afraid to have fun and play around with your photos. You can use apps to remove blemishes in portraits or add filters to change the colors. Check out this post which gives you some great app options for both beginning and more experienced photographers.


design your own cell phone caseThe Advantages of Canvas Printed Photos Over Traditional Photos


design your own cell phone case

Now you have all these awesome pictures what would like to do with them? If you plan on uploading them to social media or send them to grandma in an email be sure to keep the original files. You may find that grandma wants that picture of you and your puppy printed! Once you upload an image to social media it becomes smaller so that it will load quickly. This is great for online purposes but not so great when it comes to printing! It’s always best to print from the original image to keep the best quality possible.

We love helping you out with your photos. If you need any help tweaking your images feel free to reach out and we’ll take care of you! We also offer a simple Create A Canvas editing tool on our site that walks you through the print ordering process.


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